They are placed along the pipes to direct the flow of material in two or three different directions. It has an oscillating tube for fully automatic movements in any position. The pneumatic diverter valves are available in sizes from 2” to 6”. A special 2” version for Bart vessels is also available.

Big-bag unloading

Emptying systems for bags of 1000, 1500, 2000 kg hanged to the structure using a forklift or a hoist.
The discharge stations are equipped with pneumatic pistons to break internal lumps. They are complete with unloading hoppers which are dimensioned depending on the installation needs.
This is also available with special gloves for toxic products.

Manual bag splitter

The bag splitters’ stations allows the manual emptying of bags up to 25 kg in dust free places.
This is also available with protective door and gloves and can be connected to transporters and screw conveyors.

Lump breakers

The lump breakers’ system allows the breaking up of lump formed during the storage process.
It has two sets of blades with a double engine that allows for different speeds. It is suitable for hygroscopic materials or those that tend to clog.

Automatic bag splitter

Stations for emptying bags automatically up to 25 kg. They are able to separate the material from the bags and convey it to other machines by a vessel or a screw conveyor.