Some applications of dense phase pneumatic conveying

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Total cleaning dense phase pneumatic conveying

Total cleaning dense phase pneumatic conveying

Standard or total cleaning pneumatic conveying is suitable for a large number of applications. The line of transport is emptied and purged after each conveying cycle.
Application examples:

  • transferring dosed products from the scales to the destination
  • conveying blends from the mixer to the destination.
Full pipeline dense phase pneumatic conveying

Full pipeline dense phase pneumatic conveying

The Full Pipeline system is an innovative technology which allows to control the pressure and speed inside the pipeline through PLC and dedicated software.

The transport cycle is carried out with the full product pipeline to achieve a significant air and energy saving. Full pipeline systems are used to handle fragile and abrasive materials over long distances.
The line consists of two parallel pipes: one pipe is used to convey the material to the destination, the other is used to feed air into the pipeline through the boosters. In order to reduce air consumption and maximize efficiency, pneumatic electro valves are placed before each destination.

Full pipeline continuous dense phase pneumatic conveying

Full pipeline continuous dense phase pneumatic conveying

The full pipeline continuous system uses two connected TPA full pipeline transporters. The conveyors operate in tandem, where one vessel conveys the material while the other loads, allowing constant conveying of the material without a pause for loading time.

Dense phase Pneumatic Conveying

This kind of conveying system works by pushing the material along the pipe in a plug form, with the help of compressed air blown into the pipeline by a pressure vessel.

Dense phase pneumatic conveying systems can be used to transport a large range of bulk materials, both in the form of powders or granules. They can reach distances longer than 500 metres and capacities over 100 t/h.
The low conveying speed used in dense phase pneumatic systems helps preventing the material degradation and preserves the product quality and integrity. It is suitable to handle any kind of product, including fragile, abrasive and lumpy materials and blends.
Dense phase transport has a high product/air efficiency ratio. The indicative ratio of air or gaseous fluid to the product is about 30L of gas per 1Kg of product. Thanks to the reduced amount of air needed, this system allows reduced energy consumption.
Pneumatic conveying systems offer the benefit of low maintenance costs: the number of spare parts and maintenance services needed to maintain the system running is limited.

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Dense phase pneumatic transport sizing

Dense phase pneumatic transport sizing

The design phase of a pneumatic transport requires an analysis of the material and the transport requirements (such as flow rate and distance). Then, you need to work out the amount of air needed. Air-Tec can engineer pneumatic conveying systems customised on the initial analysis results.
Dense phase pneumatic systems are an efficient and cost-effective solution for conveying abrasive and friable material. Slow convey speed and low amount of air/gas used, means less wear and tear on the pipeline, product integrity and reduced maintenance costs.
Dense phase pneumatic conveying systems can be used together with any equipment, for example:

  • extractors
  • silos
  • screw conveyors
  • hoppers
  • big bag emptying stations
  • bag splitters and filters

Furthermore, they can be also used in ATEX settings thanks to the possibility to use nitrogen for the transport.

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