BLOG - 18 May 2020

Conveying of pharmaceutical powders: what are the challenges today?

Pneumatic conveying of pharmaceutical powders to achieve high quality standards and competitive products.
The development of best practices in the process phases, as pharmaceutical companies well know, is the key to achieve high quality standards and competitive products.

In un settore in cui igiene e sicurezza sono essenziali per la lavorazione di un prodotto facilmente degradabile, la necessit√† di una tecnologia affidabile e all’avanguardia √® imprescindibile.

In a market where hygiene and safety are essential for the process of an easily degradable product, the need for reliable and cutting-edge technology is essential.

What happens if, during transport, active ingredients and excipients were contaminated by external atmospheric agents?

What happens if the components of a recipe did not remain homogeneous but, on the contrary, separated from each other?

You understand that the risks are high.

The GMPs are very clear and detailed regarding the safety and cleanliness of the conveying lines. The dense phase conveying plants for pharmaceutical powders are completely closed. The presence of quick openings allows rapid cleaning and sanitization of the entire system. In this way the material remains in a sterile environment and therefore any type of contamination is possible.

Our pharmaceutical powder handling systems have smooth, mirror polished surfaces and push the material at a low speed. A product stressed by a too rapid transport would then be unusable. In the same way it would be a mixture no longer homogeneous.
In order to preserve the good quality of bulk materials, pneumatic transport takes place with nitrogen, an inert gas capable of avoiding contact with the air and preventing the absorption of humidity.

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