Even carrying coffee … is an art!

trasporto pneumatico caffè
trasporto pneumatico caffè

Even carrying coffee ... is an art!

We cuddle your coffee bean

Italy has no coffee cultivation, nevertheless it has become a world excellence in the processing and production of coffee.
In Italy alone there are more than 700 coffee roaster factories, a world record.

As you drink coffee in Italy you don’t drink anywhere in the world and I don’t say that I’m biased.

Coffee has a rather long chain before arriving in the cup.
Today I would like to show you a small piece of this chain that can have important defects and of course how you can eliminate them.
These problems only concern all those who want a high quality finished product.

The transport of the grain before processing has defects that are difficult to predict if you are not a specialist.

Anyone who has a production line for roasting, but not only, knows that coffee during its « process » undergoes some « traumas » that it would be better to avoid.
One of these is the breaking of the grain.
During conveying, the grain suffers traumas 😉 with consequent breakages.
Companies that want the best for their customers know perfectly well that they can’t afford it!

Producers of the production lines are not always able to overcome this very important inconvenience, but it is not due to incompetence, it is « only » that designing, implementing, installing and testing an entire production line has 100,000 precautions of which « the trauma of the bean ”it is normal that it can take second place.

For us it is different, we only have one thing to do, to pamper your grain and bring it intact to its destination while respecting the speed of processing that remains essential.
Dense phase transport avoids, or drastically reduces this and other problems such as segregation, the end result is that the mixture always retains the same properties.

Many believe they know pneumatic transport in dense phase …… but it is not only this that preserves the raw material, this is the tip of the iceberg.
The customization is what makes the difference.
If you want you can go to see our Case Studies I am sure you will find something that will help you improve your process of cuddle with the coffee bean.