Storage of raw materials and finished products

The initial storage of raw materials, additives, and finished products represents a crucial phase in the production process, as their volume determines the operational capacity on the entire plant. The volumes dedicated to the storage of raw materials must be calculated considering daily requirements, needs during peak production periods, material availability, and potential logistics-related challenges.

Flexibility in manufacturing companies is often a determining factor; it is not common for advantageous purchasing opportunities for specific product batches to arise in the market. To make the most of such opportunities, it is essential to have the ability to handle materials in tanker trucks, big bags, or sacks.

With its consolidate experience in the industry, Air Tec System provides support to customers in the choice and installation of storage silos, also offering consultancy for the study and implementation of machines and solutions for transferring material packaged in sack or big bags, widely used in additive management.

Silo storage is a widely adopter method for commonly used raw materials in various production sectors. Silo construction materials can vary, using, for example, AISI304 or316 in the food sector, aluminium alloys in the plastics sectors and carbon steel for construction raw materials, rubber production and in some chemical sectors.

The careful design of storage systems goes beyond volumes, paying particular attention to accessory elements such as filters, level indicators, safety valves, extraction systems and, if potentially explosive products are stored, appropriate ATEX devices.