Pneumatic conveying over long distances

Pneumatic conveying over long distances

The emergence of new, increasingly large individual complexes and the need to redefine business layouts within existing facilities have made the movement of raw materials and finished products over long distances crucial.

In the past, the predominant solution involved the use of chained sets of conveyors, but these technologies posed significant installation challenges due to their size and weight. In recent decades, pneumatic conveying systems have introduced targeted solutions to overcome such obstacles, making the conveying of powdery or granular materials within pipelines an advantageous option.

This approach offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Ease of installation

  • Cost-effective installation

  • Dust containment

  • High cleanliness standards

  • Reduced maintenance

Today, thanks to pneumatic conveying, the transfer of products to reach distant destinations in large industrial complexes has been greatly simplified. Air-Tec System proposes and implements dilute phase systems capable of covering distances on the order of 100-150 meters, while dense phase system can extend up to 500-600 meters.

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