Pneumatic conveying of delicate product

Pneumatic conveying of delicate product

Full line technology for controlled speed and minimal breakage

The pneumatic conveying of delicate products, such as roasted coffee beans, rice, hazelnuts, and fiberglass, require a careful approach to preserve the product’s integrity during the conveying. Air-Tec System’s advanced “Full line” technology stands out for precise speed management though software, ensuring compact and slow conveying. This approach minimises or eliminates the risk of product breakage.

Unlike traditional methods of mechanical transport, such as screw conveyors, chain conveyors or bucket elevators, which can generate damaging impacts and friction, “Full Line” technology offers gentle conveying even over long distances. This makes it the preferred choice not only for dilute pneumatic conveying but also for handling fragile products.

At the Air-Tec System’s pilot plant, the state of the product before and after conveying can be closely monitored. This process makes it possible to accurately evaluate the possible rate of breakage or degradation, ensuring total control over the quality of pneumatic conveying of delicate products.

Choose Air-Tec System’s “Full Line” technology for safe, controlled and reliable pneumatic conveying of your precious delicate products.