The booster allows for the introduction of air into the pipes which are designated to transport material in order to make a homogeneous trajectory.
The use of boosters enables a high level of efficiency during transport and a reduction of air consumption.


Air gravity conveyors

The air gravity conveyors allow the exit of the material in a non-vertical straight tract taking advantage of the force of gravity.

Wide beam elbows

The wide beam elbows are used for the transport of non abrasive materials.
The size ranges from 2” to 6”.

Anti wear elbows

The anti-wear elbows are used to transport abrasive materials. 
The bends are available in sectors of 30° modular by curves up to 90°.
Their size can range from 2” to 4” and they are also available in NI Hard type version.

Coupling systems

They allow for the connection between two ends of pipes.


The spy is positioned on the pipes to make the material in transit visible.


The transport path comprises a line for air and another one for the material. Using special booster air is introduced into the pipes dedicated to the material.

Valve receiver

Valve receivers are positioned on the silo. If open the material flows inside of the silo. If closed the material moves towards the next destination.


The vibraflow is an air blade extraction dynamic system for emptying silos and hoppers. It's easy to install and can be applied inside or outside silos and hoppers.