Material: Ashes

Air-Tec System’s dense-phase pneumatic conveying system is used to transport fly ash at district heating plants with biomass or pellet boilers and waste-to-energy plants for the production of electricity from waste.

  • safety during conveying;
  • simplicity of design and assembly;
  • lower maintenance costs.
In response to the growing demand for low-environmental-impact technologies, we develop cutting-edge fly ash conveying systems that are successfully employed in the operation of district heating plants.
The conveying systems are completely closed in compliance with current environmental regulations and are able to ensure a high level of safety in the workplace.
The engineering design and assembly of dense-phase conveying solutions are quick and easy, because there are fewer components necessary for the system to function properly.
The proprietary technology was developed to convey the product at a very low speed in order to maintain the integrity of the entire system and to prevent wear. The use of a minimal amount of compressed air ensures considerable cost savings. The reduced wear of the pipes and the entire system results in lower maintenance costs.
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