Markets: Extruder feeding systems for plastic materials

Plastics industry

Polymer granules are typically used as raw material in the extruder feeding systems for plastics. Depending on the final product and the application (food sector, technical, chemical, etc…) you can either use high-density and low-density PVC, PP, PET and PS.
Besides polymer granules, grinded product, derived from the production process waste, is also often used.

Air-Tec System designs and manufactures all the parts of the extruder feeding system used to handle raw materials in the plants: from the storage area and the conveying system to the dosing equipment (i.e., extruders). 
We supply all the equipment typically used in plants to feed the plastic extrusion lines, such as:

Storage phase: 
•    big-bags emptying units
•    bags emptying units
•    storage silos

Conveying phase - pneumatic and mechanical transport:
•    Dense phase pneumatic conveying, working at low speed and high pressure. It is particularly suitable for abrasive products (e.g., polymeric granules added glass)
•    Dilute phase pneumatic conveying is versatile and can be used in different applications
•    Mechanical conveying by screw conveyor, buckets elevator, chain conveyor and so on

Dosing phase: 
•    screw conveyors 
•    rotary valves


All the machines can be supplied for ATEX zones and can be built in carbon steel, stainless steel 304 or 316.

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