Metal powders pneumatic conveying: how to best handle them

Metal powders pneumatic conveying: how to best handle them

Pneumatic transport applied to the recycling of used batteries

When you choose metal powders pneumatic conveying you using a technology that can guarantee safety and efficiency.

When disposing exhausted batteries, you need to handle lithium, cobalt or other substances that may be potentially harmful for the environment. For this reason, it is important to follow every step of the disposal process to ensure compliance with legal requirements. These substances cannot be released out in the environment and they need to be handled with caution since they are highly corrosive powders.

How the pneumatic transport of powders in recycling batteries works

It is only in recent years that dense phase pneumatic transport for powders has been applied to the disposal of exhausted batteries.
In fact, it is with the increased use of electric cars and electronic devices in the last decade, that the recycling market of metal powders has become more and more important.

The recycling process of metal powders recovered from exhausted batteries involves the separation of each substance, which will be further treated in order to be reused for the benefit of electric mobility and the environment.

Why choose dense phase pneumatic conveying system?

Because it delivers a great deal of benefits!

The metal powders pneumatic conveying is composed of a completely closed structure able to avoid the dispersion of material into the environment.
In our dense phase pneumatic conveying system of powders, safety is essential.

Recycled metals powders from exhausted batteries represents over 40% of the total production of lead in Italy and 37% of the national demand for metal (Source: This market presents good opportunities.

As far as the abrasiveness of these powders is concerned, thanks to the low speed of a dense phase pneumatic conveyor, the wear of the pipes is reduced to a minimum. In this way high performance levels and reduced maintenance costs are assured.

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of lithium, cobalt and other metal powders?

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