NEWS - 03 septiembre 2018

High performances in white sugar handling

High performances in white sugar handling
Leading company in the Australian sugar industry adopted a sugar conveying solution
September 3rd, 2018 - Air-Tec system has realised a system for white sugar dense phase pneumatic conveying, adopted by a leading worldwide player of the sugar industry based in Queensland - Australia.

The pneumatic conveying solution leverages the full pipeline technology to handle the material for 270 meters with a flow rate of 6 TPH. The system, realized in collaboration with Filquip - australian company specialized in supplying materials handling equipment - maintains the integrity of the product and its organoleptic properties up to its destination. 

Our dense-phase technology can be employed to convey sugar into mixers or dissolvers or to feed packaging machines, resulting in a reduction in the amount of time required for loading the line.
The use of a very low conveying speed preserves the pipes and protects them from deterioration, resulting in considerably lower maintenance costs.