Sector Plastics sector

Our dense-phase pneumatic conveying technology has a variety of applications in the plastics industry. In fact, it makes it possible to transport various types of plastic materials, maintains their integrity, and allows them to be used in future processing.
The solutions are successfully employed to protect the quality of the plastic granules during conveying. The low conveying speed prevents breakage of the product, abrasion, and wear on the lines, as well as the generation of angel hair and powder, which occur frequently in the case of polymers to which mineral fillers have been added such as talc, kaolin, calcium carbonate, etc.
The systems make it possible to plan a complete cleaning of the line, which is particularly suitable for masterbatch and compound manufacturers that have to convey products of different colors and consistencies.
Learn about Air-Tec System’s technology for conveying:
  • inert plastic materials and materials prone to bridging,
  • virgin polymers,
  • engineering plastics,
  • masterbatches,
  • resins,
  • mineral fillers
in various forms: pellets, micronized powders, regrinds.

The advantages of Air-Tec System’s technology

Product integrity
Energy saving

Some materials

PVC resin
Vinyl resin
Polyvinyl chloride
Resin copolymer
Pvc compounds
Melamine powder
Nylon pellets
Plastic Pellet
Polyester pellet
Polyethylene pellet
Polyethylene powder
Superabsorbent polymer
Polypropylene pellet
Polystyrene pellet
Pvc in polvere
Plastic resin pellet
Epoxy resin
Resin powder
Resin-coated sands
Plastic caps
Convey your materials efficiently