Glassworks sector

Air-Tec System’s dense-phase pneumatic conveying solutions are applied to the transport of both ground glass and dust from the electrostatic precipitators found in glassworks.

Our technology has demonstrated a high level of efficiency in the conveying of silica sand, crushed glass, glass grains or glass mixtures, quartz, and other raw materials, even if mixed. The combination of the low conveying speed and the use of specific cast iron curves considerably reduces wear on the entire system from the high abrasiveness of the products.

The conveying of dust from filters and electrostatic precipitators, during the flue gas treatment cycle, takes place inside a completely closed system up to its destination and employs a small amount of compressed air or other gaseous fluid.

The advantages of Air-Tec System’s technology

Reduced maintenance costs

Some materials

Blended glass batch
Glass batch
Glass beads
Glass frit
Mixed glass
Recycled glass granules
Scrap glass
Convey your materials efficiently