Foundry sector

Our dense-phase pneumatic conveying systems are suitable for heavy use with respect to flow rates, distances, and type of material. They employ an innovative and reliable technology to convey the abrasive products used in the production processes of steel mills and foundries.
The low conveying speed and the use of a small amount of compressed air or other gaseous fluid to push the material inside a completely closed pipe, result in a considerable containment of maintenance costs and high energy savings.
Choose Air-Tec System to convey: lime, dust from filters or electrostatic precipitators, new sand, recycled sand, recovered fly ash, and additives that include the phenolic resins and metal oxides.

The advantages of Air-Tec System’s technology

Low costs

Some materials

Mineral black
Iron powder
Fly Ash
Foundry sand
Dry ash
Bed ash
Metallurgical coke
Mixed sand and soda ash
Cobalt oxide
Iron oxide
Brown iron oxide
Red iron oxide
Metal powder
Copper matte
Phenolic resin
Burnt sand
Black sand
Reclaimed sand
Convey your materials efficiently