Sector Ceramics sector

We manufacture dense-phase pneumatic conveying systems for the ceramics industry capable of conveying raw materials and ceramic powders and to maintain their integrity up to their destination.

The conveying of spray-dried powders, powders, sand, and other raw materials that are particularly delicate due to the large amount of moisture they contain, takes place inside closed pipes, which may be insulated in order to maintain a constant temperature of around 40 °C, depending on needs. The material flows smoothly inside the system and remains intact due to the use of a low speed and a small amount of compressed air. These characteristics, combined with the use of anti-wear systems, prevent the deterioration of the system, resulting in lower maintenance costs.

Choose Air-Tec System for the dense-phase conveying of:
  • spray-dried powders;
  • sand;
  • alumina;
  • quartz;
  • kaolin;
  • feldspars;
  • ceramic powders and derivatives.

The advantages of Air-Tec System’s technology

Integrity of delicate products
Reduced maintenance costs

Some materials

Spray-dried ceramic powders
Alumina calcined
Ceramic dust
Clay tile
Dried fine ceramics
Silicon carbide
Tile dust
Vinyl tile chips
Convey your materials efficiently