BLOG - 22 June 2020

Nutraceuticals: new frontiers for dense phase pneumatic conveying

La tecnologia per il trasporto di fase densa di prodotti nutraceutici
Fruit, cereals, yoghurt not only natural but also with the addition or modification of components. Or even food supplements and herbal products. Nutraceutics is a very large field, rapidly expanding and, as such, to be managed with great attention. And let's face it, functional and healthy foods have an exponential demand.

But before reaching us, the nutrients are isolated and extracted from the food, plant or mineral in which they are found. Then they are packaged as tablets or added to food.

The processing phases of nutraceutical products and in particular handling, must happen safely, according to high hygiene standards.

Once again the dense phase technology turns out to be the most suitable.

Our systems with dense phase conveying of nutraceuticals are completely closed and isolated from the outside to ensure a high level of hygiene.

No contamination and no dispersion in the external environment. The nutrients can thus be used to obtain a finished product with beneficial effects on health, with the guarantee of a high quality manufacturing process.

But in order for the manufacturing process to meet the high quality requirements established by the scientific community, it must be able to preserve the rheological and chemical characteristics of the raw materials.

The wide experience we have in the field of bulk material handling teaches us that the low transport speed is an essential feature in order to guarantee product quality.
Excessive stress due to too fast transport would compromise the properties of nutraceuticals and cause degradation which would invalidate the final production quantities.

The technology for the dense phase transport of nutraceutical products avoids these problems and, thanks to a delicate handling of the materials, preserves all the characteristics of the raw materials up to the destination.

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