BLOG - 16 August 2019

We do ONLY this!

Is it better for a company to produce only a product line or to develop different product lines, perhaps even complementary ones?

In particular, what is better for customer?
Let me explain better, Samsung has various product lines, for example washing machines, smartphones, air conditioners, TV, etc .; Ford produces utility cars, SUVs, vans, minivans, top class models, has a financial, etc.
Most companies, including Samsung and Ford, have decided to devote themselves to many different and single-brand product lines.
Rolex, for example, has chosen to dedicate itself only to watches; Voiello has wanted for over 100 years to deal with bronze drawn pasta.
Samsung and Ford, like most companies, have chosen to make many product lines, others like Rolex and Voiello have specialized in a line of products, perhaps developed with different models.
This example is to better clarify the differences.
What is better for a customer?

The proper answer does not exist, it depends on the customer's needs.
But you, as a client, if you have problems with your knee, would you rather go to a good doctor who takes care of orthopedics, cardiology and neurology or would you prefer one specialized only in orthopedics?
I would prefer a specialist, but it is a personal opinion.
Most prefer a specialist, unless they want to spend little and don't worry too much about the result.
Let's focus on it and I want to make another example.
Ford's top class model competes with BMW, Audi and Mercedes.
Who sells more in that market segment?
Ford loses and not a little.
Samsung washing machines do not enjoy an excellent reputation.
However, Ford and Samsung are not recognized as serious companies.
Furthermore , most consumers have chosen their competitors to buy a "top class car" and washing machines..
What does this mean?

That it is difficult, almost impossible, to be very good at everything, it is necessary to specialize.
This is what we’ve been thinking and doing for 25 years, here in Air Tec System.
The results give us satisfaction.
Not only the economic ones, but also those of customer satisfaction.
Yes, because not everyone knows what dense phase pneumatic conveying is.
Behind these words that might seem complex, there are so many advantages hidden for those who have a production line that must "run like the wind" and must never stop, as well as not ruining the raw material handled.
With this article I wanted to make you understand why we are proud to do ONLY this and, for 25 years, alongside the companies, as well as the manufacturers of production plants, we provide solutions for transport in an innovative way always tailored.