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The TPA line is equipped with state-of-the-art technology suitable for conveying for long distances greater than 500 m, with capacities of more than even 100 metric tons/h.

TPA conveyors are the right solution for conveying particularly brittle and delicate materials or in the case of complex routes. They are designed to ensure the integrity of both granular materials and powders over the entire route and to ensure a high level of system efficiency. The units can be equipped with special boosters that are able to fluidize the flow of material inside the pipe and maintain its quality up to its destination.

All TPA conveyors are certified to PED standards. They are available in carbon steel, AISI 304, and AISI 316 versions – with finishes for food and pharmaceutical use – in the high-temperature version for use up to 200 °C, and in the version for ATEX 21 and ATEX 22 environments.


Three types of conveyors depending on the system of transport

The TPA systems are available in three types depending on the chosen system of transport:

Total cleaning

The line of transport is emptied after each loading.

Phase 1

The vessel is loaded, normally by gravity. When the level sensor indicates that the vessel is full, the loading valves and the vent valves close releasing compressed air or other inert gases. 

Phase 2

The material is then pushed on to the transport line to the hopper.

Phasee 3

When the material is loaded, the pressure switch of the vessel goes to zero. The intake of compressed air stops and the loading valve will open to start a new cycle (phase 1).

Full Pipeline

The transport happens with a full pipe. This permits air and energy saving compared with the conventional method. 
The Tpa full pipeline vessels are used to move fragile and abrasive materials.

The complete transport line is composed by two parallel lines:

  • the pipe line to convey material from source to all destinations
  • the booster line to phase air in the pipe line through the boosters.
In order to have the minimum air consumption and the maximum efficiency on the booster line there is an electro pneumatic valve (before every destination) that routes air from the source to the only ready destination.

Full Pipeline Continuous

The use of two Tpa full pipeline transporters connected between them renders possible a constant trajectory of the material inside of the pipe reducing the system’s loading time.


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