CE      ce.png                                        
In the case of complete plant supply, we can provide the CE declaration of conformity with the necessary documentation.

PRESSURE     ped.png    asme.png     pt.png                       
All equipment in use on Air-Tec System plants is PED (Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/UE) certified. We can supply pneumatic conveying systems suitable for ASME and GOST certifications.

FOOD GRADE     food.png     fda.png     gmp.png                  
Air-Tec System follows European, GMP and FDA guidelines to ensure the best quality in the design and construction of plants and machinery.

ATEX     ex.png     ex2.gif                                 
Air-Tec System, thanks to its plant engineering experience, has analysed and applied the regulation realizing ATEX plants.



Suitable system for the metering of bulk and pre-mixed materials.The transporter is installed on loading cells to measure the volume of product transported and brought to its destination at a low speed.

Bag splitter with transporter

for emptying bags and the subsequent conveying of the material.

Skid solution

Mobile station for conveying cement from IBC containers to weighing hoppers.

Skid solution for suction and transport

realized specifically for marine environments able to suck PE granules from octabins and transfer them to the loading hopper of an extruder with dense phase full pipeline technology.

Big bag unloading station with Bart

for emptying big bags and the subsequent conveying of the material.

Bart with dust collector

for conveying extracted dust for a distance of up to 30 meters.

Bag splitter with screw conveyor or Bart

for emptying bags and the subsequent conveying of the material.

TPA with insulated pipes for high temperatures

for conveying fly ash or materials at high temperature.