Find out the technologies for pneumatic conveying of bulk materials

Dense phase pneumatic conveying

Ideal for abrasive or friable materials.
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Dilute phase pneumatic conveying

Used in different industries to transport powders and granules.
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Gravity conveying systems with fluidized motion

Used when the material flow is directed downward.
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Dense phase pneumatic conveying

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Ideal for abrasive or friable materials.

Dense phase systems are characterized by low conveying velocity and high pressure. The product is pushed in a plug form, from source to destination, through an enclosed horizontal or vertical pipeline by using compressed air or other inert gases.

The combination of low conveying velocity and high pressure makes this coveying technology ideal to handle abrasive and friable materials. Sugar, flour, coffee, plastic granules, chemicals, cement, sand, ashes, fibre glass, alumina and carbon black are just some examples of materials that can be transported with a dense phase pneumatic system.

Advantages: material quality preservation, clean technology, low energy consumption.

Dilute phase pneumatic conveying

Vacuum Pneumatic Dilute Phase Systems

Pressure Pneumatic Dilute Phase Systems

Used in different industries to transport powders and granules

Dilute phase conveying is a method of materials handling characterized by medium/low pressure (or vacuum). The material is transported suspended in mid-air through an enclosed horizontal or vertical pipeline.

Dilute phase systems are well suited for all productive sectors, from food industry to chemical, plastic and rubber. In particular, when you need to use a filter (bag or cartridge) at the end of the line to separate the powder from the air.

Due to high conveying velocity, dilute phase systems are not suitable to transport abrasive or friable materials. In this case, dense phase systems are recommended.

Dilute phase systems can be designed in different ways: pressure, vacuum or a combination vacuum/pressure.

Advantages: simple installation, compact dimensions, easy to clean, suitable for complex conveying paths

Gravity conveying systems withfluidized motion

Fluidized channel transport
Conveying channel

Used when the material flow is directed downward

Air gravity conveyors systems are used when the material can be transported by using gravity as mean of transport.

You do not need a pipeline to convey material with this kind of conveying system. The material flow is achieved thorough an aeration channel, some low-pressure air and an inclination, even just of a few degrees.

Air gravity conveyors consist of a rectangular chamber horizontally separated by an air-permeable, porous media, over which the material flows (see above picture). A small amount of air at low pressure is injected in the system through the membrane.

Advantages: cost effective, suitable for a wide range of materials

Some applications of pneumatic conveying

Dense phase vessel

Dense phase transporter

Dilute phase

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Dilute phase IFIS 2

Gravity conveying

Gravity conveying

Pneumatic conveying technology

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Pneumatic conveying can transport bulk materials, like powders and granules, from a one location to another. The material is moved through a pipe using the airflow inside the conveying line.

The pressure differential between the two ends of the pipeline allows the airflow to move the product to its destination.

Complex conveying paths

Simple installation

Compact dimensions


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