NEWS - 19 June 2018

Air-Tec system technology at Hillhead 2018

Air-Tec system technology at Hillhead 2018
The world’s biggest working quarry exhibition
June 19th, 2018 - Air-Tec System technology for dense phase pneumatic conveying will be showcased by SN Engineering, specialist in powder / granular handling, at Hillhead 2018, the world’s biggest and best show set in real working quarry environment that will ne held in Buxton, UK from 26th to 28th June 2018.

Dense phase conveying system of cement, sand and raw materials can move large amounts of material (over 100 ton/h) for very long distances, over 500 meters, including vertical lines.
The solutions developed by Air-Tec System make it possible to transport minerals such as talc, kaolin, carbonate, corundum and bentonite. The use of a very low speed and anti wear curves preserves the pipes and contrasts the wear due to the abrasiveness of the material.