The advantages of Air-Tec System’s
dense-phase pneumatic conveying technology:

  • Ideal for fragile materials, abrasive materials, and product mixtures due to its low operating speed.
  • Suitable for long distances, even greater than 500 meters, and complex routes.
  • Lower design and assembly costs: simple to design and install - it can be applied to every industrial sector.
  • Save energy with a better ratio between the air and the amount of conveyed product in comparison to conventional conveying methods.
  • Low maintenance costs; few moving parts result in less wear on the system when compared to conventional conveying methods.

Air-Tec System™ our strength is in the air

About us

Air-Tec System™ is a leading company in the field of dense-phase pneumatic conveying of bulk materials using compressed gases, air, or nitrogen.

We have extensive knowledge of the methods for conveying bulk materials, and we have developed a cutting-edge technology that makes it possible to efficiently convey powders and granules used in every industrial sector. 

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The solutions

We have extensive experience in developing solutions for all industrial sectors to demonstrate the versatility and strength of our proprietary dense-phase pneumatic conveying technology.

Our goal is to create value for the customer by means of a broad and flexible
high-performance product range
. We convey every type of powdered and granular bulk material.

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Our headquarters is located in Calderara di Reno in the province of Bologna (Italy).
More than 70% of our systems are produced for export.

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A few of our customers

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