BLOG - 20 July 2020

How to choose the best technology for handling pet food

What makes dense phase pneumatic conveying the most suitable method for handling animal feed is the flexibility of application.
Nowadays the supply of feed ranges between different formats and consistencies of product based on the animal species for which they are intended.

Feed may include raw materials of plant or animal origin whose main objective is to meet the nutritional needs of the animals. Often these products include derivatives of industrial transformation or are obtained by mixing raw materials and additives.

The processes of each type of feed, however, have one thing in common, that is, the movement of raw materials according to the different production phases up to the storage stations or packaging machines.

Animal feedstuffs are fragile products and often tend to be damaged during transport. The high percentages of fat that compose them can represent a difficulty in handling and subsequent sanitizing of the line. It is therefore essential that the transport technology is able to guarantee both the integrity of the product and high operating performance in order to optimize the production process.

A crushed pellet or croquette is no longer marketable. Frequent blockages in the pipeline or plant shutdowns are not economically convenient.

The dense phase pneumatic transport of pet food is able to avoid these problems. It is suitable for fragile materials and mixtures. Thanks to the low operating speed, it preserves the integrity of the product and prevents its deterioration. It also allows easy sliding of the material within the lines and offers the possibility of rapid sanitization of the lines.

But what makes dense phase pneumatic conveying the most suitable method for handling animal feed is the flexibility of application.

If you have already used mechanical transport systems, you know that they are not suitable for complex layouts, with vertical and curved sections. On the contrary the pneumatic conveying systems are distinguished from the previous ones by the closed pipes and the possibility of covering even long distances. They have few moving parts and require less maintenance, precisely because they allow less wear.

Our goal is to provide you with a solution designed according to your needs, whatever the path required. We take care of your product and make sure it arrives intact to the destination you require.

There are many solutions for the transport in dense phase of pet food. But the design of our engineers and the customization of our systems makes the difference.

Go read our success stories, you will find something that will help you improve your animal feed production process.