BLOG - 19 October 2020

We do not transport pellets to boilers

Yes, we handle pellets, but only within industrial processes that involve subsequent processing.
Many people ask us this now that the cold season is approaching. But no, our dense phase pneumatic conveying systems are not suitable as a solution for loading pellets into the hoppers of boilers for heating buildings or other types of accommodation.

The matter is simple.

Even though systems are absolutely capable of performing this task, systems for dense phase conveying  of pellets require an initial economic investment that cannot be amortized in the short term in the case of an application of this magnitude.

We design solutions to feed storage silos, packaging machines and, in general, other stations that allow subsequent processing of the product.

We do not feed pellet boilers.
We transport any bulk material in the form of pellets within more complex industrial processes.
Plastic, animal feed, dried sludge, carbon black, nylon, polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, cellulose, resin, these are just some examples of pellet materials that benefit from handling with dense phase conveying technology.

Reduced maintenance costs.
Simple design.
Safeguarding the integrity of the product.

Discover all the materials that dense phase technology can handle.