Markets: Feeding system for the food industry with vacuum pneumatic conveying

Industrial feeders for industrial food production equipment.

Food industry includes different businesses:
  • Ice cream basis and flavours for confectionary industry
  • Pasta and bread production
  • Rice and cereals processing
  • Pet food (dry or wet) production
  • Coffee blending
Commonly used basic ingredients are: flour, sugar, cocoa, starch and food additives.

Material handling, storage and feeding within food industry plants

The term food industry covers a series of industrial activities and food processing equipment such as the handling and storage of raw ingredients, the mixing and dosing processes, the food processing machinery feeding (industrial feeders such as kneading machine, packaging machine, etc.).
In the food industry, the handling and storage of raw materials and ingredients presents some challenges. For example, some food substances are hygroscopic, whilst others require ATEX regulation complianceIndustrial food processing equipment used must be designed to allow regular cleaning in order to avoid material accumulation. Moreover, custom food processing equipment must prevent food contamination with potential allergens, specific cleaning treatments must be performed or, alternatively, separate facilities should be provided.


ATEX regulations and industrial feeding systems for the food industry

When it comes to ATEX regulations, it’s important to consider that:
  • some food substances have explosion hazards. In such cases, it’s important to use ATEX certified food industry machines combined with the use releasing / compartmentation / suppression devices.
  • Hygroscopic materials require air treatment, such as dehumidification.

Besides powders, common raw materials in the food manufacturing are water, oil, food extracts and flavouring and other ingredients, such as dairy products and eggs, which require specific processing treatments, such as pasteurizing.

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