NEWS - 06 November 2020

New Headquarters

New Headquarters
Starting from November 16, 2020 we will move to a new location
As part of a business growth project, we will move to a larger and more functional location for production needs as well as for welcoming customers and suppliers.

The move was born from the need for a logistical reorganization and work spaces: a large area will be dedicated to the laboratory and the pilot plant but also the office area will be distributed over a larger and more structured area.
The refurbishment process will mainly concern production. Following a careful study of the work flows, the production area will in fact be larger and divided into computerized assembly islands connected to the company management system.

The use of advanced technologies in the management of energy needs, heating and lighting make the new building not only compatible with the sustainable development of production activities in our area, but also a comfortable and cutting-edge work environment.

Starting from November 16, 2020, the new operational Headquarters will be as follows:

via Einstein 40
 40017 San Giovanni in Persiceto, BO

Instead, warehouse and material receipt will be in:

via Einstein 10-12
 40017 San Giovanni in Persiceto, BO