NEWS - 06 März 2020

Efficiency in filter powders handling

Efficiency in filter powders handling
The application of dense phase pneumatic conveying technology in the field of dedusting guarantees significant advantages in terms of efficiency and cost containment.
Bouyeur Leroux, the French brand of wall and fireplace bricks, terracotta and tile coverings, has chosen our plant to convey powders from the filter to a storage silo. The solution leverages dense phase technology for the transport of delicate products at low speed and includes cast iron anti-wear curves in order to further reduce the friction between the material and the pipe.

The powder is pushed at a low speed to the storage place according to a batch conveying mode which allows the product to be launched only when the vessel is full in order to optimize costs.
The system, installed in France by Ste Edpg, has a flow rate of 64 kg / h and a length of 35 meters.