Aktuelles aus der Welt von Air-Tec System

NEWS - 07 August 2019

Air-Tec System dense phase technology lands in Argentina

The company strengthen its presence in South America
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NEWS - 29 Juli 2019

It is unwise to pay too much

It is unwise to pay too much, but...
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NEWS - 01 Juli 2019

Skid solution for the construction industry

Mobile station for the maximum flexibility
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NEWS - 14 Mai 2019

Flexible solutions for the construction industry

Ventilated silica and quartz sands dense phase pneumatic conveying
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NEWS - 26 März 2019

Dosa-flow: the solution for the metering and conveying

Metering of bulk and pre-mixed materials
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NEWS - 22 Februar 2019

Accurate and complete analysis of materials in the Air-Tec System laboratory

New rheometer to measure the properties of materials
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NEWS - 17 Januar 2019

Pharmaceutical powders pneumatic conveying

Dense phase technology for the pharmaceutical sector
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NEWS - 19 November 2018

Air-Tec System: high performances in animal feed conveying

Pet Food Animal Feed Technology Nov 19 2018
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NEWS - 21 September 2018

Event: Bogota International Trade Show

Event targeted to all new technological advances
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NEWS - 03 September 2018

High performances in white sugar handling

Leading company in the Australian sugar industry adopted a sugar conveying solution
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NEWS - 19 Juni 2018

Air-Tec system technology at Hillhead 2018

The world’s biggest working quarry exhibition
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NEWS - 08 Februar 2018

Limestone conveying solutions

Pneumatic conveying systems for limestone handling
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