Markets: Turbo-Mischerbeschickung für PVC-Anlagen

Plastic sector
Plastic manufacturing companies fall into two main categories:
  • producers that use polymer powders, with the addition of carbonate, oils and additives to obtain granules;
  • producers that use granules to obtain the final product.
These are, in fact, two different production processes.

Producers in the first category use turbo mixers, coolers and the extruders in their process. The granules obtained can be virgin, if neutral, or masterbatch, if coloured. In the effort to be more environmentally friendly, in recent years, recycled polymers are used in addition to virgin polymers.

PVC processing plants are used for the manufacturing of PVC piping, PVC sheets, PVC films and for the plastic covering of electrical cables.
PET, PP or PS are used in the food industry. These materials are also used in many other different sectors.

Air Tec System designs and manufactures equipment for industrial plants: mixer feeding systems, equipment for the transfer of blends to the extrusion lines and for the conveying and storage of the final product.
We supply all the equipment typically used in plants to feed turbo mixers, such as:

Storage phase: 
•    big-bags emptying units,
•    bag splitter units,
•    storage silos and extraction equipment (rotary valves, Archimedian screw).

Conveying phase - pneumatic (dense and lean phase pneumatic conveying) and mechanical transport.

• . Dense phase pneumatic conveying works at low speed and high pressure. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for abrasive products (sand, fibre glass, metal oxides, etc…) and fragile products (rice, cereals, carbon black, etc..). It is also suitable to convey blends which are prone to segregation if transported at high speed.  

•    Dilute phase pneumatic conveying is versatile and can be used in different applications. Its main characteristic is high speed and low pressure.

•    Mechanical conveying by screw conveyor, buckets elevator, chain conveyor and so on.

Dosing phase: 
•    screw conveyors,
•    rotary valves.


Air-Tec System provides solutions for different needs. Our highly automated systems are able to manage the entire transport process through PC and PLC and check for anomalies and system alarms. Our customised software allows to optimise the transport process and minimise the workforce needed.

All equipment is available for ATEX zones and can be manufactured in carbon steel, stainless steel 304 or 316.